Call for Papers : Inside the Wardobe

Clothing Cultures by Intellect Books

Submission guidelines: Clothing Cultures invites submissions (of 2000–5000 words) from scholars addressing wearers’ relationships with their clothes. Clothing Cultures also welcomes non-traditional approaches to dress and object analyses. For more details or to submit papers please contact the editors: Dr Jo Turney and Alex Franklin.

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the impact and effect of mass consumption of goods, and as Western fashion systems increase the number of collections shown annually, our relationship with fashionable clothes might be changing. With campaigners for sustainable clothing infiltrating the high street and within mass manufacture, questions about what we wear, buy and keep are at the forefront of clothing discourses. However, more often or not, in the West, we have more clothes than we could possibly wear in one lifetime. So why do we keep clothes that we don’t wear? Why do we keep clothes that don’t fit? Why do we buy fashionable clothing only to discard it a season later? Why are clothes so important to us?

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